Rehabilitation holidays for children and young people

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We offer rehabilitation holidays for children and adolescents. After determining the patient’s needs at the consultation, we prepare an individual therapy plan including a 5-day or 10-day rehabilitation stay (excluding weekends), conducted in a multi-specialist team, allowing for a daily therapy of min. 90 min. After the course of the rehabilitation course, the patient receives an 8-week home activity plan developed by the specialists participating in the rehabilitation. There is an option for remote consultations to monitor the realisation of the goals set in the plan and to answer questions that arise at the end of the stay.


Babies born prematurely
Disorders of psychomotor development
Abnormal muscle tone - increased or decreased
Orthopaedic and postural abnormalities
Difficulties with small and large motor skills
Sensory integration disorders
Autism spectrum disorders
Cortical speech disorders
Articulation disorders
Feeding disorders and food selectivity
Hyperactivity and concentration problems
Learning and memory difficulties
Challenging behaviour and adaptation support
Disorders of emotional and social development
Cerebral palsy
Intellectual disability
Developmental defects of the central nervous system
Genetic syndromes
Neuromuscular diseases
Visual disabilities