Consultation and rehabilitation for children and adolescents

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Depending on the need, one or more therapists are involved in the work with children and adolescents. After defining the main areas requiring support, we prepare an individual therapy plan, the aim of which is to enable the child to overcome difficulties resulting from disorders or disabilities and to create the conditions for developing the fullest possible educational potential, as well as helping them to gain independence.


Children born prematurely
Disorders of psychomotor development
Abnormal muscle tone - increased or decreased
Orthopaedic and postural abnormalities
Difficulties with small and large motor skills
Sensory integration disorders
Autism spectrum disorders
Cortical speech disorders
Articulation disorders
Feeding disorders and food selectivity
Hyperactivity and concentration problems
Learning and memory difficulties
Challenging behaviour and adaptation support
Disorders of emotional and social development
Cerebral palsy
Intellectual disability
Developmental defects of the central nervous system
Genetic syndromes
Neuromuscular diseases
Visual disabilities