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dr Andrew Rudczynski

konsultant ds. projektów naukowo-badawczych
dr Andrew Rudczynski
Najważniejsze etapy kariery zawodowej
  • Zastępca wicerektora ds. administracji badawczej – Uniwersytet Yale 2006-2015
  • Zastępca wicerektora ds. finansów – University of Pennsylvania 1999-2006
  • Zastępca wicerektora ds. administracji badawczej – Rutgers University 1983-1999
  • Southern Illinois University: MBA
  • Syracuse University: Doktorat z immunologii
  • Uniwersytet McGill: Bachelor of Science
Najważniejsze stowarzyszenia zawodowe

Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) 1989-2018:

  • Board of Directors, August 1, 1998 – 2003,
  • Member, Executive Committee, 2002–2003,
  • Chair, Research Compliance and Administration Committee Aug 2002-2003,
  • Member, COGR Task Force on Institutional Conflict of Interest Sept 2002-2003,
  • Member, COGR Task Force on Individual Conflict of Interest 2002.

National Council of University Research Administrators 1979-2022:

  • Reviewer, Peer Review Program, 2015-2022,
  • Co-Chair, Electronic Research Administration IV Conference 1999,
  • Member, Select Committee on Electronic Research Administration, 1996-1999,
  • Chairman, Region II, 1990-92,
  • Member, National Executive Committee, 1990-1992,
  • Panelist at Numerous National and Regional Meetings.
Członkostwo w Radach Nadzorczych
  • Syracuse University Department of Biology Alumni Advisory Board 1997-2005 (Co-Chair, October 2000 to 2002)
  • Ingredient Technology Corporation, S. p. A 1997-1999
  • Associated Institutions for Materials Research, Inc. 1996-1999
  • Research and Development Council of New Jersey 1993-1999
  • New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research (Członek Rady Nadzorczej 1993-1999, Sekretarz 1995-1999)
Działania w zakresie audytu i doradztwa, a także recenzowanie naukowe
  • Consultant, Yale University, Office of Research Administration, May 2015-December 2022
  • Team Lead, NCURA Peer Review Team, University of New Hampshire, review of Research Compliance Programs, March 2019
  • Consultant, Rutgers, the State University, Review of Office of Research and Economic Development for Sr. VP Research and Economic Development, June 2018
  • Team Lead, NCURA Peer Review Team, West Chester University, review of Research Compliance Programs, April 2018
  • Team Lead, NCURA Peer Review Team, National University, review of Research Compliance Programs, December 2017
  • Consultant, NCURA Peer Advisor, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, focused review of Clinical Trial Agreement Operations, October 2017
  • Consultant, NCURA Peer Advisor, Washington State University, focused review of Animal Care and Compliance Program, October 2016
  • Consultant, NCURA Peer Review Team, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, review of Research Compliance Programs, March 2016
  • Consultant, NCURA Peer Review Team; The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor), review of Sponsored Programs Administration, October 2015
  • Consultant, Columbia University; Team review of Columbia University electronic research administration systems, May 2014
  • Consultant, Tufts University, Team review of Pre and Post Award Office for VP Research and VP Finance, August 2013
  • Consultant, Syracuse University; Team review of Office of Sponsored Research, October 2007
  • Consultant, California Institute of Technology; Team review of Office of Sponsored Research, October 2001
  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Guide to Managing Federal Grants to Colleges and Universities, 1998 –2000
  • Reviewer, National Science Foundation EPSCOR Program, May 1997
  • Field Reader, Strengthening Developing Institutions Program, U.S. Department of Education, April 1990
  • Ad Hoc Consultant, Minority Access to Research Careers Review Committee, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, 1980
  • Rudczynski, A. B. and R. F. Mortensen. Suppressor cells in mice with MuMTV-induced mammary tumors. 1. Inhibition of mitogen-induced lymphocyte stimulation. J. Natl. Cancer Instit. 60:205-211, 1978.
  • Rudczynski, A. B. and R.W. Jackson. The properties of a lipoteichoic acid antigen from Streptococcus pyogenes. Immunochem. 15:83-91, 1978.
  • Rudczynski, A. B., C.A. Dyer and R.F. Mortensen. Detection of cell-mediated immune reactivity of breast cancer patients by the leukocyte adherence response to MCF-7 extracts. Cancer Res.38:3590-3594, 1978.
  • Furmanski, P., A. B. Rudczynski, R.F. Mortensen, M.J. Brennan, and M. A. Rich. „An Analysis of the metastatic progression of human breast cancers: The Breast Cancer Prognostic Study” in Developments in Cancer Research: Tumor Progression. ed. Ray G. Crispen. pg. 149-154, Elsevier-North Holland, New York. 1980.
  • Mortensen, R.F., A. B. Rudczynski, and the Breast Cancer Prognostic Study Pathology and Surgery Associates. Prognostic significance of serum CRP levels and lymphoid cell infiltrates in human breast cancer. Oncology 39:129-133, 1982.
Abstrakty naukowe i prezentacje naukowe, inne publikacje
  • Rudczynski, A. B. and B. A. Fiedel. Antibody response to lipoteichoic acid-methylated bovine albumin complexes. Fed. Proc. 33:763, 1973.
  • Rudczynski, A. B. Immunochemical studies on a Streptococcal lipoteichoic acid. School of Public Health, Harvard University, 1976.
  • Rudczynski, A. B. and R.F. Mortensen. Identification of splenic suppressor cell activity in mice with MuMTV-induced mammary tumors. Fed. Proc. 36:222, 1977.
  • Rudczynski, A. B., S. Frank, and R.F. Mortensen. Characteristics of non-specific suppressor cells from C3H mice bearing MuMTV-induced mammary tumors. J. Reticuloendothel. Soc. 22:60a, 1977.
  • Rudczynski, A. B. and R.F. Mortensen. Cell-mediated immune response of breast cancer patients to antigens of MCF-7 and MuMTV as measured by the LAI and LMI tests. 11th Meeting on Mammary Cancer in Experimental Animals and Man, Detroit, Michigan, June, 1978.
  • Rudczynski, A. B. Cell-mediated immune responses of breast cancer patients. National Cancer Institute.
  • Hager, J.C., A. B. Rudczynski, R.F. Mortensen et. al. Is Tumor-associated immunologic reactivity in breast cancer patients prognostically significant? Proc. Assoc. Cancer Res., 22:145, 1981.
  • Recognizing and Managing Personal Conflicts of Interest, Council on Governmental Relations, Contributing Author, October 1, 2002
  • Compensation, Effort Commitments, and Certification, Council on Governmental Relations, Special Contributor, March 1, 2007.

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