Monika Sar, MA

Zamienie Branch
Żoliborz Branch
Monika Sar, MA

I am a physiotherapist with over fifteen years of experience. I specialize in urogynecological therapy for women, urological therapy for men, and visceral therapy for adults and children. I also perform scar therapy. I use an individual and holistic approach to each patient. I base my work mainly on manual techniques. I also utilize kinesiotaping, electrostimulation and EMG biofeedback. I place special emphasis on prevention and increasing the patient’s awareness of their body.

  • Physiotherapist Warsaw Medical University
  • Women preparing for pregnancy and childbirth,
  • Women during pregnancy,
  • Adults with scarring in the abdominal and perineal area,
  • Post-pregnancy women with distention of the rectus abdominis muscles,
  • Patients with pelvic pain,
  • Women and men with urinary/fecal/gas incontinence,
  • Women with lowering of the organs of the lower pelvis (pelvic prolapse)
  • Patients preparing for urological/gynecological surgery
  • Patients after urological, gynecological, abdominal surgeries
  • Adults and children with constipation
  • Adults and children with abdominal pain related to stress, medication, digestive problems, reflux, feelings of tension and others


Courses and training
  • Basic course in PNF concepts
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Kaltenborn manual therapy – Evjenth International – module 1-6
  • Muscle energization techniques and modern methods of diagnosing and treating soft tissues – module 1-5
  • Osteopathic approach in urogynecological therapy
  • Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of visceral organs
  • Comprehensive urological diagnosis and therapy of men
  • Comprehensive urogynecology diagnosis and therapy
  • Working with women in every trimester of pregnancy
  • Comprehensive diagnosis and therapy of postural defects and scoliosis according to the FITS concept
  • Natural childbirth vs. cesarean section – how to support a woman’s return to fitness
  • Physiotherapy for people with functional disorders after treatment of cancers of the urinary, genital and gastrointestinal systems
  • Opportunities for physiotherapists in the therapy and prophylaxis of proctological patients
  • Natural childbirth vs. cesarean section – how to support a woman’s return to fitness
  • Problems with pregnancy – what should a physiotherapist know?
  • The effect of organ prolapse on the physiological functions of the lower pelvis
  • Hernia and diastasis recti
  • Disorders of continence control in women
  • Disorders of continence control in men after prostate surgery
  • Digestive support – a view from an osteopath and an Eastern medicine therapist
  • Physiotherapy in perineology-in-progress
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