Monika Plata, MA

Speech Therapist, sensory integration therapist, forensic expert in speech therapy and logopaedics
Zamienie Branch
Żoliborz Branch
NEURO Medical Centre
  • MBA in Healthcare – Łazarski University
  • Speech Therapy – Collegium Verum in Warsaw
  • Logopaedics – University of Warsaw
  • Polish Studies – University of Warsaw
  • Journalism – University of Warsaw

Forensic opinions, working with multilingual patients.


Polish, English, German

Courses and training
  • Alalia (delayed speech development, SLI) – diagnosis and therapy
    CRAFTA – Pain and dysfunctions of the craniomandibular and craniofacial areas; examination and therapy of the neuromusculoskeletal system
    Diagnosis and speech therapy of disorders of oral function
  • Diagnosis with the Prechtel method
  • Diagnosis of young children for autism spectrum disorders
  • Dogs participation inlogopaedics for children and adults
  • Dyslexia – basics of diagnosis and therapy in practice; auditory functions, visual functions, reading, dysorthography
  • EEG-Biofeedback
  • Elastic therapeutic taping in head, neck and orofacial disorders
  • Electroneuromobilisation of the facial area
  • GoBrain interactive auditory training
  • KOGS – School Readiness Assessment Cards
  • KOLD – test for the diagnosis of children aged 1 month to 9 years – assessment of normal and impaired speech development of the child
  • KOZE – tool for assessing and describing abnormalities in a child’s behaviour and emotional reactions from infancy to the end of the school years
  • Shantal Massage instructor course
  • Treatment of oral motor dysfunctions using the MFS system
  • LSVT Loud – voice/speech treatment technique for adults and children with motor speech disorders, with a focus in Parkinson disease
  • Makaton for Professionals Foundation Workshop
  • Marta Bogdanowicz Method of Good Start (MDS)
  • Warnke Method
  • Munich Functional Developmental Diagnosis
  • SAS Neuroacoustic Brain Training
  • Neurophysiological improvement of children – logopaedic aspect
  • Sensory defence: the Wilbarger complex treatment method
  • Orofacial regulatory therapy in the concept of Castillo Morales
  • Orthoptics – disorders of visual function
  • Fundamentals of the cranio-sacral system
  • Management of the acute stroke patient – diagnosis and therapy
  • Primitive Reflexes & Motor Control: assessment & rehabilitation
  • PROMPT – Introduction to technique & Bridging techinque to intervention
  • SLI – Specific language impairment, diagnosis, therapy, education
  • Application of the PEP-3-PL Psychoeducational Profile in the functional diagnosis of children with autism
  • First and second degree training in sensory integration (SI) therapy
  • Training for Neuroflow ATS therapists
  • Training in Johansen Individual Auditory Stimulation
  • Craniosacral therapy: tides and pulsations, midlines, sparkles
  • Craniosacral therapy: temporomandibular joint, balancing the hyoid bone and hyoid muscle complexes
  • Logopaedic therapy for the child with orofacial abnormalities
  • Myofunctional therapy according to Anita Kittel
  • Hand therapy and fine motor dysfunctions
  • Parent-child interaction therapy for stuttering children up to the age of 7 – Palin PCI
  • Sensomotor therapy and correction of oral-facial dysfunctions
  • The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) – early therapeutic intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders
  • The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Astronaut training, vision testing and integrated vestibular, auditory and visual therapeutic strategies
  • Raindrop Technique massage training
  • Use of ADOS-2 in clinical diagnosis
  • Use of elements of the verbal method in the therapy of children with language communication disorders