Justyna Fiałkowska, MD

Zamienie Branch
Żoliborz Branch
Justyna Fiałkowska, MD
  • More than 5 years of experience as a specialist neonatologist – currently at the Department of Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care, Ks. Anna Mazowiecka Clinical Hospital in Warsaw
  • School of Gestalt Psychotherapy, Warsaw – in the course of training
  • Organisation and Management of Clinical Research, postgraduate studies, Lazarski University, Warsaw
  • Sensory Integration – SI therapy and diagnosis, postgraduate studies, University of Health Sciences, Toruń
  • Pedagogical preparation, postgraduate studies, University of Health Sciences, Toruń
  • Centre for Lactation Science, Warsaw, Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Medical specialisation, Neonatology, Upper Silesia Children’s Memorial Health Centre, Katowice, Poland
  • Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland

Newborns, infants, children up to 2 years of age:

  • Newborns with intrauterine growth retardation, congenital disabilities.
  • Children born prematurely.
  • Babies born on time with jaundice, poor weight gain, enuresis, decreased muscle tone, excessive sleepiness, low motor activity.
  • Motor activity.
  • Babies who were resuscitated after birth or scored lower on the Apgar scale, with congenital anomalies, low birth weight (< 2500 g), hypotrophic newborns or those who have had complications of the perinatal complications (e.g. shoulder dystocia, hypoxaemia or waters).
  • Infants entering the time of dietary expansion.
  • Children under 2 years of age who present symptoms of concern to parents.

Polish, English

Courses and training

SPECIALIST TRAINING (neonatology-pediatrics)

  • Course in abdominal USG, Kruszyed, Poznań
  • Immunobiom 2022 webinar, certificate
  • Congress of Paediatrics and Nutrition, certificate “Child Friendly Specialist”
  • 12th International Congress of Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies – Everyday practical challenges in neonatology, Krakow
  • National Conference on Sensory Integration, Warsaw
  • NLS Provider Course, European Resuscitation Council, Poznań
  • Using the Assessment Tool for Lingual Frenulum Function, Hazelbaker Lactation Institute
  • Bayley training in Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development Visual impairment in infants with brain damage: from assessment to intervention, Dr Andrea Guzzetta, Island Academy, Gdansk
  • Central Inputs, USG course, Ujastek Hospital
  • Prechtel’s Global Movement Pattern Assessment Course, Course Fundamentals, Prof. Christa Einspieler, NBAS Foundation, Warsaw, Poland
  • Ankyloglossia in neonates and infants, diagnosis and therapy, Dr Mira Rządzka
  • 2020 – eProinfantis
  • 2020 – 9th Neonatology Online Conference in Kosice
  • Nutrition of the preterm and neonate requiring intensive care, Baxter Education Center
  • USG of the spinal canal. New safety standards for ultrasound examinations in practice, Radiology in Neonatology, Gdynia
  • Fundamentals of EBM – evidence-based medicine, Nutricia Foundation, Warsaw
  • Nutricia Foundation, Warsaw
  • aEEG Clinical Fundamentals and Applications in the NICU, Neonatal Care Academy, Warsaw
  • Early Neurodevelopmental Diagnosis using the Vojta method, Wrocław
  • Resuscitation of Premature Infants, Airway Escape Syndromes, Winter School of Neonatology, Wisła
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Course, Warsaw
  • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, Child Health Centre, Warsaw
  • Echoultrassonography, course, Medisono, Cracow
  • Echoultrasonography, workshop, Prof. Samir Gupta, Poznań
  • Doppler USG, course, Jaworzno
  • Transthoracic ultrasound of the newborn lungs, course, Medisono, Kraków
  • 5th Symposium Asphyxia & Hypothermia/6th European Symposium on Delivery Room Management, Dresden, Germany
  • Ultrasound in newborns with low birth weight, course, Renata Bokiniec, MD, Warsaw, Poland
  • Guaranteed volume ventilation, Prof. Keszler/ Prof. Piotrowski, Poznań
  • Golden First Hour after Birth, iPOKRATES, Krakow
  • NLS Provider Course, European Resuscitation Council, Warsaw



  • School of Gestalt Psychotherapy, Warsaw
  • Shades of Personality – orientations for working with clients with borderline, narcissistic, dependent and avoidant personality – basic level, Igor Rotberg, Integri TSR
  • Solution Focused Therapy – basic and advanced course, CTSR advanced, CTSR
  • Level 1 in Narrative Therapy, The Institute of Narrative Therapy Study of Integrative Post-Trauma Therapy – Stations I and II, Igor Rotberg, Integri TSR
  • Narrative Therapy with externalisation technique, Igor Rotberg, Integri TSR
  • Stress reduction programme based on MBSR – mindfulness training developed by Prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn “Know mindfulness, master stress” Zuza Ziomecka, Warsaw