Hubert Żelazko, MA

speech Therapist, therapist of the Castillo Morales concept
Żoliborz Branch
Hubert Żelazko, MA
  • Osteopathy – Still Academy of Osteophaty (in progress)
  • Speech Therapy – Lazarski University in Warsaw
  • Logopaedics – Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Pedagogy

Newborns, children and adults:

  • Children with muscle hypotonia caused by genetic syndromes
  • Preterm infants
  • Newborns with sucking and swallowing dysfunctions
  • Patients with excessive salivation
  • Patients with disorders of chewing and speech function
  • Patients with dysphagia
  • Patients with neuromuscular disorders
  • Children and adults with facial nerve palsy
  • Patients with structural-functional disorders (cleft lip, jaw and palate)
  • Children with delayed sensorimotor development
  • Children with cerebral palsy
  • Patients with craniocerebral injuries

Polish, English

Courses and trainings
  • The holistic neurophysiological concept of Castillo Morales
  • Osteopathic techniques
  • Communication startegy – components and development process
  • Introduction of alternative and supportive communication in people with multiple disabilities (level I)
  • K-taping therapy
  • Ankyloglossia in newborns and infants
  • GORA – Gestures Representing Articulatory Movements
  • PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System (Level 1)
  • Voice and oesophageal speech rehabilitation in patients after total laryngectomy