Dr Agnieszka Wegner

neurologist - children and adolescents, paediatrician
Żoliborz Branch
Dr Agnieszka Wegner

Dr Agnieszka Wegner is an experienced paediatrician and a doctor in the course of specialisation in paediatric neurology, focusing her practice on the care of the youngest patients. She completed her medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Poznań. In 2013, she obtained her doctoral degree with honours from the Children’s Health Centre. She has extensive clinical experience, having worked both at the Department of Child Neurology and Paediatrics of the Medical University of Warsaw and at the renowned Children’s Health Centre. In addition, she is a long-standing employee of the outpatient clinic, where she is involved in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of childhood diseases. She stands out for her excellent diagnostic skills and holistic approach to treatment, which allows her to deal effectively with difficult cases. She is actively involved in the scientific community, keeping abreast of advances in the field of paediatric neurology. As a highly regarded specialist, she is constantly improving her skills by familiarising herself with the latest research and advances in paediatrics and neurology. Her main goal is to provide comprehensive and individual medical care for children from day one, supporting parents in the treatment and rehabilitation of their children.


Neurodevelopmental diagnosis of children at any stage of life


Polish, English

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Żoliborz Branch

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