Agnieszka Sadowska, MA

Zamienie Branch
Żoliborz Branch
Agnieszka Sadowska, MA

I am a psychologist specialising in psychological diagnosis, crisis intervention and the development of social skills. My practice includes the study of children’s intellectual development, autism spectrum disorders and problems with attention and impulsivity in children and adolescents. As a crisis intervention specialist, I offer support in difficult life situations. I believe in the importance of education, awareness raising and emotional support as key elements in coping with stress. My practice includes children, adolescents and adults.

  • 2004-2008, University of SWPS Warsaw, studies in psychology, professional title: MA
  • 2000-2003, University of Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland, higher vocational studies (bachelor’s degree) in sociology with a specialisation in psychosocial counselling.

Children, adolescents and adults – diagnostics and therapy of patients:

  • with disabilities: intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, visual disability, autism spectrum disorder
  • with anxiety disorders
  • with rare diseases
  • with genetic disorders
  • with contextually inappropriate behaviour
  • with depression
  • with complex communication needs
  • with adolescent disorders: mutilation, suicide attempts, autistic defences (withdrawal)


  • Crisis intervention – psychological support
  • Psychotherapy and support for parents – crisis, emotional, psycho-educational
  • Social skills training (TUS)
  • Parent therapy for children with disabilities/children with dysfunctions
  • Support groups for parents / semi – therapeutic – for parents during stays
  • Support in professional burnout


Diagnostics performed:

  • ADOS 2
  • Conners 3 (ADHD)
  • Wechsler intelligence scale
  • IDS-P intelligence development scale
  • Cattel’s culturally neutral intelligence test
  • DIVA 5 test

Polish language

Courses and trainings
  • SWPS University Warsaw. Postgraduate studies: Psychological Diagnosis in Clinical Practice
  • Institute of Health Psychology PTP Warsaw. Study of Psychological Help and Crisis Intervention.
  • Centre of Psychological Help and Education “INTRA” Warsaw. School of Psychological Training and Workshop
  • Use of ADOS-2 in clinical practice
  • Diagnostic Qualification Stanford Intelligence Scale – Binet 5
  • Certificate of Internal Auditor of the QMS according to EN ISO 9001:2015 standard
Place of work
  • Żoliborz Branch
  • Zamienie Branch